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What’s on in Singapore

Things To See and Do

Attractions and Places to Visit in Singapore

Attractions and Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the great cities of the world, with its blend of Asian and European cultures. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world’s most prosperous city states and boasts one of the world’s busiest ports.

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Places to stay in Singapore

Places to Stay in Singapore

From five-star business hotels to small family ones, you surely will find the perfect fit for you no matter the costs. The perfect customer care is the most important thing for the staff.

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Sports and Activities

Sports and Activities

There’s something for everyone―world-class theme parks, iconic waterfront attractions, the world’s first night safari, hidden gems to explore in charming neighbourhoods, lush greenery. Discover how a City in the Garden is rooted in history and heritage.

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Activities, Where to Eat, Where to Stay, What to Do in Singapore

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Singapore such as events and attractions or are planning where to stay in Singapore, you’ll find everything you need for your Singapore holiday on Whats On In Singapore.com. Make sure to discover Singapore’s diverse neighbourhoods, from tranquil suburbs to central areas full of shopping, entertainment and dining options. Singapore have a huge range of options for food and drink.

Colony Restaurant in Singapoure


Evoking the nostalgia of a bygone era, Colony alludes to the seafaring voyage that the British took in the late 18th century to the East Indies for trade and commerce
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Restaurant André in Singapore

Restaurant André

Restaurant André sees the illustrious chef is using fresh artisan produce selected by artisans daily to create spontaneous culinary art with Southern French cuisine.
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The Halia in Singapore

The Halia

Halia is located in the one-hectare Ginger Garden of the Botanic Gardens where over 250 gingers with their stunning foliage and colourful flowers thrive.
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Ishi restaurant in Singapore


For sushi in an intimate setting, stride down the narrow corridor on the second floor of the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay and turn into Ishi.
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Singapore’s amazing tale tells of a once sleepy fishing village that defied the odds to transform itself into a first-world metropolis. The former British colonial trading post is since its independency in 1965, officially the Republic of Singapore, the city state is situated 137 km (85 mi) north of the equator, and just south of Peninsular Malaysia. In south the Strait of Singapore separates the island from the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia.

Singapore is famous for being a global financial center, a shopping paradise, and as a spot for a variety of activities, dining and entertainment. Singapore has an extensive range of things to do with a selection of places to eat and drinkadventures and activitiesplan your stay and visit to Singapore.